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Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy temple is a well-known Bhadrakali temple in Angadippuram, Malappuram district, Kerala. It was the official goddess of Valluvanad’s rulers. This temple, set on a hill, boasts a beautiful outlook. Thirumantham kunnu Mangalya Pooja, an offering performed to Unni Ganapathy to remove all obstacles to marriage. Unni Ganapathy is very fond of kadali banana, appam, payasam, and ADA – so this is the offering made to Him. The belief is that with His divine grace, all obstacles will be overcome and a perfect matrimonial alliance will be found for anyone who encounters any hindrance in getting married or whose marriage is being put off indefinitely, no later than their third yearly temple visit.

Three Mangalya Poojas are mandatory – one every year for three consecutive years. Even if the marriage takes place at any time during this period, all three poojas should be done without any break. Thirumantham Kunnu Mangalya Pooja was previously performed solely on the first Friday of the Malayalam month of Thulam. To accommodate the large number of devotees, the Mangalya Pooja is currently on all Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.

The Thirumantham Kunnu Mangalya Pooja offering is as under:

1st year: Rs. 600

2nd year: Rs. 1000

3rd year: Rs. 1500.

It is best to carry suitable vessels to collect the ‘prasadam’ after the Mangalya Pooja. While the Pooja happens any time between 9 am and 9.30 am, several devotees arrive many hours ahead of that time and place their vessels in a ‘queue’ in a covered shed near the place where the prasadam (appam, payasam, ADA) is distributed. While this is not compulsory, it makes sense since if one’s vessels are towards the back of the line, it may imply a significantly longer wait to collect the prasadam after the pooja.

Get a Perfect Stay when you need

While you are sick, you will need a safe, clean, and pleasant place to stay. This is very important in fighting your illness. The Narmada homestay fully understands this kind of demands and provides all amenities to its clients. You will feel at ease here, and we will help you feel even more at ease.

We also provide Panchakarma treatments for both mental and body wellbeing. This cleanses your body of pollutants, revitalises you, and increases your body’s absorption qualities. This will aid in the relaxation of both your mind and body. The finest Panchakarma treatment in Malappuram is provided by Narmada homestays.

Best Place to Stay in Perinthalmanna

We need a good location to stay while we visit Perinthalmanna. Remaining in any room or area may not be a suitable solution because they may be filthy. The majority of such establishments fail to provide a comfortable stay. This is why many individuals choose to stay in places like resorts or homestays while travelling. Narmada’s villas and sceneries are specifically intends to calm your mind and body.

The Narmada homestay is in a naturally stunning setting. This is within a few kilometres from Thirumatham Kunnu Temple and so easily accessible. This region of Narmada homestays has been particularly build to allow you to live close to nature. You may appreciate the scent and sound of nature emitted by the pure hill water, vegetation, and animals of this location. In addition, in this region, numerous types of plants are there. There are also options for taking a natural river bath from adjacent sources of water. In conclusion, the Narmada homestay provides the nicest stay in Perinthalmanna. These amenities drew a large number of visitors, and Narmada is the best homestay in Malappuram.

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