Paloor Kotta Waterfalls

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Paloor Kotta Waterfalls

Paloor Kotta waterfalls in the Malappuram district are every traveler’s fantasy. This two-tiered waterfall boasts a stunning plunge in a lush setting. It’s hidden deep in the woods, and the jump of the waters provides all the drama the woodland has to offer. It is not just a natural wonderland, but it also has a lot to offer history buffs.

Paloor Kotta Falls is a waterfall located in Kadungapuram village in Kerala’s Malappuram district. Despite the name Paloor Kotta (Kotta means “fort” in local usage), there is no fort here. According to folklore, the famous king Tipu Sultan sought sanctuary here. Since there is no constructed construction, the area resembles a natural fortress!  The waterfalls provide an excellent observation point. This might be why Tipu Sultan chose to seek safety here while fleeing his foes. The location acts as a sturdy fort for him.

Paloor Kotta Waterfalls - Falls that dazzle

To get to the waterfalls, go through the woods. That is an exciting adventure in and of itself. Also the unrestrained fall of the waters from such great heights is a sight to see. Arriving at the foot of the waterfall, you have the choice of climbing the slope to the top and seeing the waterfalls in all their glory. During the monsoon season, this waterfall is at its most spectacular.

Paloor Kotta Waterfall is one of the top tourist destinations and one of the lesser-known wonders. Thus, if you want to have a waterfall all to yourself, go to Paloor Kotta Waterfalls.

Paloor Kotta Waterfalls


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