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Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram (Malayalam: തിരുമാന്ധാംകുന്ന് പൂരം) major temple festival celebrated in Central Malabar, Kerala, India. Thriumandhamkunnu Temple is one of Kerala’s three most significant Bhagavathi temples, along with Kodungallur and Panayannarkavu. Thousands of people attend the daily puja.

The idol of Bhagavathi was obviously carried out of the sanctum sanctorum on a caparisoned elephant for a holy bath known as ‘aratt’. This is later accompanied by elephants, nagaswaram, and chendamelam. The ‘arat’ will last ten days. Hundreds of people queued up on both sides of the road to get a good look at the god as the procession passed by, commemorating the ‘Poorappurappadu.’ [6] Aarattu is the festival’s primary event. During 10 days, the identical procedure repeats 21 times, once in the morning and once in the evening, with the last Aarattu on the eleventh day evening. Pallivetta is on the ninth day evening.

The event lasts 11 days, beginning with the Makayiram star in Meenam (March, April). The palm leaf archives of Calicut University show that the pooram festival has a history dating back to the early decades of the 16th century. People from all across the state also have begun to flock to Angadipuram to see this.

Pooram Festival

On Thirumandham kunnu ulsavam day, at midnight, there is a ceremonial meeting between Valluvakkonathiri, the monarch of the ancient kingdom of Valluvanadu, and Malayankutty, the leader of the Pana community, who rides a palanquin to the Pooram ground. This is Panante Varavu. This remembers the Raja’s religious concord and the tribal chieftain’s assistance in the past. Moreover on the twelfth day, from dawn to evening, there will be the performance of folk from Chavittukali. During the festival days, performances of Ottamthullal, Paadhakom, Chakyar Kooth, Nagyarkouth, Thayambaka, Melam, and other cultural events are held. During the festival days, on the temple grounds, there will be a performance of folk from poothan.

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