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Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy temple is a famous Bhadrakali temple located at Angadippuram in the Malappuram district of Kerala. Thirumandhamkunnilamma was the official goddess of the kings of Valluvanad. Located on a hillock, this temple commands a scenic view.

Thirumandhamkunnu temple is especially famous for Mangalya Pooja, an offering made to Unni Ganapathy to remove all hindrances to marriage. Unni Ganapathy is very fond of kadali banana, appam, payasam, and ADA – so this is the offering made to Him. The belief is that with His divine grace, all obstacles will be overcome and a perfect matrimonial alliance will be found for anyone who encounters any hindrance in getting married or whose marriage is getting unduly delayed, no later than their third annual visit to the temple.

Three Mangalya Poojas are mandatory – one every year for three consecutive years. Even if the marriage takes place at any time during this period, all three poojas should be done without any break. Earlier, Mangalya Poojas were done only on the first Friday of the Malayalam month of Thulam. However, to cope with the massive inflow of devotes, the Mangalya Pooja is now performed on all Fridays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.

The Mangalya Pooja offering is as under:
1st year: Rs. 600
2nd year: Rs. 1000
3rd year: Rs. 1500

It is best to carry suitable vessels to collect the ‘prasadam’ after the Mangalya Pooja is done. While the Pooja happens any time between 9 am and 9.30 am, several devotees arrive many hours ahead of that time and place their vessels in a ‘queue’ in a covered shed near the place where the prasadam (appam, payasam, ADA) is distributed. While not essential, this makes sense because if one’s vessels are at the end of the queue, it may mean a much longer wait to collect the prasadam after the pooja is over.

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Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram(Malayalam: തിരുമാന്ധാംകുന്ന് പൂരം) is an important temple festival of Central MalabarKeralaIndiaThriumandhamkunnu Temple is one of the three important Bhagavathi temples of Kerala, the others being Kodungallur and Panayannarkavu. Daily pooja attracts thousands of devotees.

The idol of the Bhagavathi was taken out of the sanctum sanctorum on a caparisoned elephant for a holy bath called ‘arattu,’ accompanied by elephants, nagaswaram, and chendamelam. The ‘arat’ will continue for 10 days. Thousands of people lined up on both sides of the road for a close glimpse of the deity as the procession was taken out, marking the ‘Poorappurappadu.’[6] The main event of this festival is Aarattu. The same is performed 21 times, in a sequence of one in the morning and one in the evening, for ten days, and the final Aarattu on the eleventh day evening. On the tenth day evening is Pallivetta.

The festival lasts for 11 days from Makayiram star in Meenam (March, April). There is evidence to prove that the pooram festival has a history going back to the early decades of the 16th century in the palm leaf records of Calicut University. People from different parts of the State have started reaching Angadipuram to see this.

On Pooram day at midnight, there is a ceremonial meeting between Valluvakkonathiri, the king of the erstwhile kingdom of Valluvanadu, and Malayankutty, the head of the Pana community who comes to the Pooram ground on a palanquin. It is known as Panante Varavu. This commemorates the religious harmony and the help rendered by the tribal chieftain to the Raja in bygone days. On the twelfth day, from morning to evening there will be the performance of folk from Chavittukali. Ottamthullal, Paadhakom, Chakyar Kooth, Nagyarkouth, ThayambakaMelam, cultural programs etc. are performed during the festival days. Folk from Poothan is performed during the festival days at the temple premise.

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