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The Kingdom of Valluvanad was a modern-day central Kerala sovereign chiefdom that ruled from the early 12th century until the end of the 18th century. Valluvanad had formerly flourished as an independent chiefdom under the Chera Perumal dynasty from the late 10th century. The fall of the Chera Perumal monarchy in the early 12th century resulted in the independence of the country’s many autonomous chiefdoms, one of which was Valluvanad.

The word “Valluvanad” was first used to refer to a territory within the Ay kingdom in south Kerala. It was then a tributary of the Pandya kingdom, in the 9th and early 10th centuries. This eponymous subdivision in south Kerala may have given rise to the new chiefdom in central Kerala (within the kingdom of the Chera Perumals). Valluvanad was controlled by the Vellodis Samanthan Nair clan. It was identical to the Eradis of nearby Eranad and the Nedungadis of Nedunganad. Valluvakonathiri/Vellattiri is what we calls for kings of Valluvanad.


The boundaries of Valluvanad’s geographical scope are difficult to determine from the materials at hand and change considerably throughout time. , a hill separating the ancient Eranad Taluk from the Valluvanad Taluk, located in the Malappuram-Manjeri area, has been referred to as the area between the Pandalur Hills knolls and the Ponnani coastline. [6] The nation stretched from the Pandalur Hills in the north to the Bharathapuzha River valley in the south. Its border is on the west by the port of Ponnani on the Arabian Sea and on the east by the Attappadi Hills. In the 12th century, Valluvanad included portions of the modern-day Taluks of Tirur (Tirunavaya-Athavanad-Kottakkal-Valanchery), Eranad (Nilambur-Wandoor-Karuvarakundu-Tuvvur region), Nilambur (Nilambur-Wandoor-Karuvarakundu-Tuvvur area), and Ponnani.

Valluvakonathiri reigned over a substantial portion of the Chaliyar and Kadalundi River basins at the period. Its northern limit was Thrikkulam in Tirurangadi in Tirurangadi Taluk, while its southern boundary was Edathara near Palakkad. Before the conquest of Zamorin of Calicut, a greater chunk of what is now is the Eranad area was under the Kingdom of Valluvanad. During the early mediaeval era, Valluvakonathiri acquired a bigger chunk of Nedunganad (Pattambi-Ottapalam-Shoranur-Cherpulassery region), which was under the sovereignty of Nedungathirippad. Nevertheless, in the 15th century CE, the Zamorin of Calicut seized Nedunganad. The Valluvanad Royal family owns the Nedumpuram Palace in Thiruvalla.

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple – The capital of Valluvanad.

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