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The origin of the Kadampuzha Bagavathy temple is related to the Mahabharatha. In fact, Sree Shankaracharya found the temple. The month in which he dedicated the Kadampuzha Temple is regarded as the most auspicious day. It is on Karthika in Virshchikam.


Sree Shankaracharya, during his Deshadanam, came across this place while he was going to Chottanikkara Temple. After his Darshan at Mookambika Temple. When he reached the place now known as Kadampuzha, he found that he could not walk across. A Divine presence blocked his way. Even with the superior Sight that could “See” or “Understand” Divine presences, he could not fathom it.

He spent a lot of time in meditation trying to figure out why he couldn’t sense the Divine Presence. Apart from this, he discovered that having attained the “Sarvaknanapeedhom”. His ego had somehow crept in to make him feel superior. The Divine Presence shunned his ego, making him unable to fathom it. The Divine Saint immediately set about cleaning his mind. This made him as humble and pure-minded as an innocent child. He approached the Divine Presence again with the most devotion and supplication and immediately perceived what the presence was. The Holy presence of Devi mesmerised him in deep. Afterward, he decided to treat the location with respect

He discerned that the Divine power is emanating from the hole in the ground. Moreover took steps to consecrate the place as a temple and constituted Lord Narasimha and Sudarshana Chakra in front of the Devi and also decided to place Dharmashasta and Nagakanyaka on either side of the temple. He performed the poojas and rituals at the temple. As a result, people still follow these principles.


There are three ways to worship Devi here. In the mornings she is worshiped as Vidya Durga (Saraswati). It briefly bestows knowledge and excellence in career to all. In the afternoon she is worshiped as Vanadurga (Durga) in the Twaritha Devi form. As a result, she blesses the devotees with health, marriage, and domestic harmony. At last in the evening she is worshipped as Aadi Durga (Mooladurga – Lakshmi). It bestows the devotees with wealth and overall prosperity.

However, It was just a presence that the self-manifested Divine Presence worships. Unlike other temples, Kadampuzha is unique in that there are no idols for the Devi.


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