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Angadipuram railway station near Narmada Homestay is an important railway station in Kerala that serves the town of Angadippuram in the Malappuram District. It is located on the picturesque Nilambur-Shoranur line of Southern Railways’ Palakkad division. The town is connected by trains that stop at the station to important Keralan cities including Nilambur, Shornur, Palakkad, Kottayam, and Kochuveli. Also, it is 2.5 kilometres from Perinthalmanna and Malappuram town the closest railway station (20 km).

Kerala’s northern area includes the Malabar region, which blesses with spectacular natural beauty. The Malabar region is lovely, with hills, rivers, and waterfalls. This area widely regards for both its natural and cultural attractiveness. With its culture and cuisine offerings, it has significantly influenced Kerala’s culture. With the help of the Narmada Homestay, having an ideal and pleasant stay in this area is thrilling. The Malappuram district’s Cherakaparamba neighbourhood, close to Angadippuram, is where you’ll find the Narmada Homestay. The Cherakaparamba is obviously a beautiful area close to many Keralan locations worth seeing.


The Narmada Guesthouse has five villas with all the facilities and elegance you could want. Your sunrise rooms’ ceiling-mounted sunlight makes the morning vista particularly tangible. The uniqueness of the Narmada Homestay is the sunrise rooms. You may have mind-blowing experiences in Malabar thanks to the villas. The affordable rates for the Narmada villas make them a wise investment. That is why they have become one of the Budget hotels in Malappuram

The northern districts of Kerala lack backwaters as compared to the southern and middle regions. Yet, they endows with magnificent mountains, hills, and rivers. The culture and habits of the Keralites impact likewise by these factors. Every location in Kerala offers a unique set of attractions.

Natural attractions in Malappuram

Malappuram is home to several beautiful natural areas. A significant one that is close to the town of Perinthalmanna is the Kodikuthimala. This area of the hills is really lovely. This hill’s upper portion offers a stunning perspective of the surroundings. This is quite alluring and tourists frequently visit the place. Only a few kilometres separate this location from the Narmada. The best hotel Rooms in Perinthalmanna may be found at the Narmada Homestay.

Kottakkunnu Park is an additional one. At the centre of Malappuram, it has a high population. Although it is a naturally attractive site, recent changes have been made. Due to the nearby little park, this is a great location for an evening stroll with your kids. In the nights, Malappuram’s surrounding areas are completely visible.

Malappuram is known for the Teak Museum in Nilambur. It highly recognises for its teaks and for the neighbouring lovely garden. Even visitors from far locations come here since it is a popular tourist destination. There are yet more locations in Malappuram that are popular among tourists. These are only a few locations. You may stay at the Narmada Homestay, the greatest resort in Perinthalmanna, while you’re here.

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